Candamill’s Truss Tote

Candamill Truss Tote

Candamill’s Truss Tote priced at 1,900.00 makes Vogue’s of back to school bags.

Candamill’s Truss Tote is made of smooth Italian leather, with nubuck gusset detailing. Expertly crafted in New York City, this architectural design is the perfect everyday carryall.

Secrets of the fashion industry with Alexa Chung

Vogue and Alexa Chung investigate the most frequently asked questions about how to break into the fashion industry in this first look at our upcoming series. Premieres 15 September

Alexa Chung’s first series with Vogue takes a closer look at today’s fashion industry today and where it is going, whilst also answering the questions you submitted to us about all the things you were interested in. These ranged from asking about education and how to get a first job, to wanting to know what a fashion psychologist did. The full documentary will be released in six parts from the 15th September on British Vogue’s YouTube channel. Watch this trailer

Ines de la Fressange x Uniqlo

Ines de la Fressange x Uniqlo

Ines de la Fressange and UNIQLO Fall-Winter 2015 collection is available now.

This season, the collection is designed to look as if it had been taken from a movie the designer once saw a long time ago. The clothes are created for sophisticated modern dressing, while still remaining classic.

What’s unique about this collection is, first, the new colours, such as the deep Bordeaux red and forest green, and also the elegant silhouettes created from the feminine cut of the clothes.

Each individual piece expresses the ultimate in sophistication, but can actually be dressed down when mixed with a t-shirt and jeans. By mixing and matching various pieces, dressing well every day is always possible.

Sweater made with 100% cashmere. Luxuriously soft, this short-sleeve sweater features a ribbed collar and cuffs for a close fit. A thin stripe at the cuffs adds Ines’ signature style.

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